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TPS News: Our Gears Are Always Turning.

USA Today: FedEx & UPS shares take a dive after reports Amazon will deliver more of its own items

UPS and FedEx shares took a dip Thursday in the wake of reports that Amazon is testing a new delivery service that may eventually allow the online giant to bypass those shipping companies and ferry its own items from the warehouse to the front door. (more…)

Global Cosmetic Industry: Beauty Logistics Focuses on Optimizing the Beauty Industry’s Supply Chain

The logistics firm aims to optimize clients’ supply chain and integrate systems. TPS Logistics says it can help customers with inventory planning, backlogging, and domestic and overseas shipping. (more…)

DBusiness: TPS Logistics in Troy Launches Health, Beauty Supply Chain Platform

Troy-based third-party supply chain management company TPS Logistics today announced the launch of Beauty Logistics, a subsidiary aimed at providing multi-modal solutions and guidance specifically for the health and beauty industry.  (more…)

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: TPS Logistics Launches New Brand Targeting Health & Beauty

Subsidiary company will focus solely on supply chain optimization for targeted industry (more…)

Inbound Logistics: The Mighty Pallet: A Supply Chain Powerhouse

The workhorses of the supply chain, recycled, repaired, and re-used pallets help shippers save money while getting the job done. (more…)

Chain Store Age: NAFTA, TPP, and Trump

In his 1987 book “The Art of the Deal,” then developer Donald Trump wrote about the value of starting a negotiation with a dramatic and even unrealistic proposal. That makes one ponder how much of President Trump’s strong language is just bluster and how much might be indicative of a true departure from policy orthodoxy.


Inbound Logistics: Why the ‘Shareconomy’ Is the Future of Logistics

The idea of a global shared economy—which has given rise to businesses such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb that share resources among user bases—is projected by PwC to generate revenue of at least $335 billion by 2025. (more…)

Detroit Free Press: Auto Parts Suppliers May Take NAFTA Hit

The vast majority of auto-related jobs in Mexico are concentrated in making parts, not assembling cars and trucks themselves. (more…)

Reuters: What it Takes to get a Corona from Mexico to a U.S. Heartland Bar

Ordering a bottle of Corona beer at a bar in the United States is a simple proposition. (more…)

Wards Auto: Dealing with the NAFTA Math

Canada, the U.S. and Mexico have truly become one integrated and connected market over the last two-plus decades. It makes no economic sense to turn that market off. (more…)