TPS Logistics helps your business ship smarter.

As a market leader in our industry, some might say we more closely resemble a tech company. We provide you with everything you need to take your operation to the next level. Cloud based, customizable technology with actionable business analytics will help you to focus on your customers and give you a market advantage. Your bottom line will appreciate TPS Logistics as much as your employees.

Another advantage TPS brings is 25 years of experience. Business growth inevitably brings pain. Our expertise will ensure best practices are implemented as we work collaboratively with your employees. It really is possible to simultaneously save money and streamline operations pain-free.

TPS Philosophy

Large companies have a secret. They enjoy services you don’t even know are available or that you thought were too expensive. What are they?


Key Locations

Toronto, Canada
Troy, Michigan (HQ)
New York City, New York
Charlotte, North Carolina
Houston, Texas
Queretaro, Mexico (HQ)
Mexico City, Mexico
Ramos Arizpe, Mexico

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