About Us

It’s easy to say that we’re a non-asset based, full-service logistic management company. But that doesn’t tell the entire story of what TPS Logistics has offered to its clients since first being established in 1993.

We’re a dedicated advocate. We effectively reduce the total logistics burden on the cost of goods sold. We create customized logistic solutions. Essentially we save you time and money while providing you with peace of mind. We protect your interests so that you can be a best-in-class global player in your industry.

Full Platform Management

We focus solely on full platform management of all modes for all shipments where a client is responsible, giving you optimum negotiation leverage and an entirely comprehensive data set. This leverage and available data allows our professionals to uniquely optimize the entire supply chain, integrate systems and also affords sophisticated cost allocation for strategic and tactical applications.

Operational and Administrative Support

We’re responsible for the full logistics burden in the cost of goods sold. We judge ourselves based on how you judge us – bottom-line impact. We don’t just put forward direction. We take responsibility of implementation from the shipping dock to the board room.


We don’t have interest, obligations or affiliations with any asset based trucking companies or logistics service providers, giving us the necessary freedom to function as an unadulterated advocate. We protect client interests at every level of our engagement, every step of the way. We are always focused on bottom-line savings.

Potential clients gain a comprehensive, full platform analysis. At our expense, we provide all resources required to perform expansive “due diligence” to assure our collective success.

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